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Lisa Kochen & Backen 2018/02 ; Medien Innovation GmbH ; 2018 ; Journal ; Z

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ClassificationZ (Untergruppe Z aus Konvertierung)
Title properLisa Kochen & Backen 2018/02
Other title informationDamit's allen schmeckt
Title Proper of SeriesLisa Kochen & Backen
Numbering within Series2018/02
WorkLisa Kochen & Backen ; Burda
creatorHubert, Reinhold G.
Keywordsbacken (Topical term)
Place of origin of workOffenburg
publisherMedien Innovation GmbH
Keywordsbacken (Topical term) ; saisonale Rezepte (Topical term) ; Küchenhelfer (Topical term)
Statement of Responsibility Relating to Title ProperHubert, Reinhold G.
Date of Publication2018
Carrier typeVolume
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