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Extrem erfrischen! ; Disney, Walt ; 2018 ; Book ; JC

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label value
ClassificationJC (Comics)
Title properExtrem erfrischen!
Other title informationLustiges Taschenbuch
Title Proper of SeriesLustiges Taschenbuch
Numbering within Series509
WorkExtrem erfrischen! ; Disney, Walt
authorDisney, Walt
editorial directorBens, Stefphanie
Intended AudienceKind und Jugendliche
Nature of ContentComic
publisherEgmont Ehapa Media
KeywordsDonald Duck (Topical term)
Media typeUnmediated
Carrier typeVolume
Place of PublicationBerlin
Publisher’s NameEgmont Ehapa Media
Date of Publication2018
Statement of Responsibility Relating to Title ProperWalt Disney ; Chefredaktion: Peter Hopfner
Extent253 Seiten
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Öffentliche Bibliothek Altach
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