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Die besten Ninja der Welt ; March, Julia ; 2017 ; Book ; JE.C

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label value
ClassificationJE.C (Lesestufe 1+2)
Title properDie besten Ninja der Welt
Title Proper of SeriesSuperleser!
Numbering within Series1. Lesestufe
WorkThe LEGO Ninjago movie - secret Ninja force ; March, Julia
authorMarch, Julia
Intended AudienceEarly readers
Nature of ContentBilderbuch
ExpressionThe LEGO Ninjago movie - secret Ninja force ; March, Julia ; Text ; German
Content typeText
Language of expressionGerman ; English
Illustrative ContentIllustrationen
publisherDorling Kindersley Verlag GmbH
KeywordsBilderbuch (Index term) ; Erzählerische Bilderbücher (Index term) ; Ninjago (Topical term)
Statement of Responsibility Relating to Title ProperText von Julia March
Designation of Edition1. Auflage
Extent48 Seiten
Media typeUnmediated
Carrier typeVolume
Dimensions24 cm
Term of AvailabilityFesteinband
Mode of Issuancesingle unit
Place of PublicationMünchen
Publisher’s NameDorling Kindersley Verlag GmbH
Date of Publication2017
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Öffentliche Bibliothek Altach
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28402 - Not available - Maybe return date: 2019, May 22
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