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30 Lieblings-Kinderlieder - Tonies ; Oetinger Media GmbH ; [2018] ; Music ; TD.JT

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label value
ClassificationTD.JT ()
Title proper30 Lieblings-Kinderlieder - Tonies
Other title informationSchlaflieder 2
Title Proper of SeriesTonies
Work30 Lieblings-Kinderlieder - Tonies ; Oetinger Media GmbH
production companyOetinger Media GmbH
Intended AudienceChildren
Expression30 Lieblings-Kinderlieder - Tonies ; Oetinger Media GmbH ; German
Content typeLied
Language of expressionGerman
Length70 min
Extent1 Figur (1 große Katze grau, 1 kleine Katze hellgrau)
Place of PublicationHamburg
Publisher’s NameOetinger Media GmbH
Date of Publication[2018]
Media typeAudio
Carrier typeObject
Mode of Issuancesingle unit
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Öffentliche Bibliothek Altach
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Item number Call Number
28489 - Not available - Maybe return date: 2019, July 2
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