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Nachts, wenn alles schläft! - Tonies ; Hohage, Kai ; [2016/2017] ; Audiobook ; TD.JT

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label value
ClassificationTD.JT ()
Title properNachts, wenn alles schläft! - Tonies
Other title informationGeschichten und Lieder mit dem Sandmännchen - Hörspiel ab 3 Jahren
Title Proper of SeriesTonies
WorkNachts, wenn alles schläft! - Tonies ; Hohage, Kai
authorHohage, Kai
Intended AudienceChildren
Nature of ContentHörspiel
ExpressionNachts, wenn alles schläft! - Tonies ; Hohage, Kai ; Spoken word ; German
narratorRysopp, Beate
Content typeSpoken word ; Performed music
Language of expressionGerman
Length57 min
publisherSony Music Entertainment Germany
Statement of Responsibility Relating to Title ProperBuch, Musik, Regie: Kai Hohage ; Sprecherin: Beate Rysopp
Extent1 Figur (Sandmann), 1 Booklet ; 57 min
Place of PublicationGütersloh
Publisher’s NameSony Music Entertainment
Date of Publication[2016/2017]
Media typeAudio
Carrier typeObject
Base MaterialTonies Figur
Term of AvailabilityEur 14,99
Mode of Issuancesingle unit
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Öffentliche Bibliothek Altach
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Item number Call Number
28500 - Not available - Maybe return date: 2019, June 25
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